Fraud Management for OperatorsProducts

Telecom frauds have been diminishing the revenue for telecom operators since the industry’s inception. Our Fraud Management Solution enables the operators to keep track of even the most complex frauds. This results in a reduction of revenue leakages, more calls answered and callbacks – increased inbound, and improved quality of service, resulting in new subscribers.

  • Complex fraud scenario handling.
  • Easy-to-define triggers and fraud alarms.
  • Quicker fraud identification and resolution for a higher ROI.
  • High-quality routes blending identification.
  • Integrated provisioning system interface.
  • Test Call Generator for detecting bypass fraud, including SIM Boxes.
Key Differentiators
  • Easy configuration using an integrated provisioning system interface.
  • Well-defined trigger, alerts, and monitoring facility
  • Flexible in creating and applying rules
  • Immediately block action after suspected fraud.
  • On-going vigilance through testing and real-time report gathering.