Health CareServices

  • One of the most advanced clinical decision-support systems in the world powered by artificial intelligence, optimally improves healthcare delivery, outcomes, and education
  • The AI solution can process a quadrillion combination of clinical symptoms and provide the triage, diagnostic considerations, suggested tests and radiology investigations, right specialist and right hospital and create a clinical document for the physician. The total process of triage for the patient facing tool is less than 90 seconds.
  • Allowing medical professionals, the ability to create treatment plans as well as discovering the best suited methods for helping their patients
  • Assist Doctors in making more accurate and informed choices quickly and to cull innovative ideas from electronic medical records (EMR)
  • Integrate with existing electronic systems and telehealth providers
  • Predict how likely a patient will be admitted back to a hospital using a combination of demographic, behavioural, clinical and laboratory data
  • Improve patient satisfaction through empowerment and establish an intelligent personal health record repository for the people of Kuwait
  • Improve the quality of care while providing a clearer understanding to a patient regarding their health
  • Reduce hospital wait time by improving efficiency, thus provide faster and better health services