• Detects human emotions by the control of 3D head-neck movements accumulated in several frames of video processing.
  • Measures micromovement (micro motion, vibration) of a person by capturing picture of standard digital, web or television cameras and image processing
  • Automatically analyse mental status (feeling, emotion) of human beings and detect the potential criminals in advance
  • Easy and simple to install into the existing crime prevention and surveillance system, and able to be utilized for various purposes

Contribute towards building a safe and secure society by new technology
  • IDetects the suspicious person at the time of intrusion and prevents criminals by tracking and asking for support (Traditional surveillance camera systems only record crime behaviours.
  • Does not need database collation but can detect in advance suspicious person based on many indefinite points (Method of collating criminal database [Face recognition / Pattern recognition] cannot detect anything except data.)
  • Can detect suspicious person from not only real-time surveillance image but also recorded image in the past
  • Easy to be added to the existing surveillance camera system without any influence