Revenue Assurance for OperatorsProducts

Assists operators with identification, measurement, and prevention of any revenue leakages, thereby resulting in accelerated business growth. The solution ensures improved profits, revenues, and cash flows without influencing demand by accurately managing mediation, invoicing, billing, and rating processes. The framework enables telecom operators to achieve enhanced cash flows, improved profitability, and low total cost of ownership.

  • Subscriber profile verification across network elements, intelligent network, CRM, and post-paid billing system
  • Subscriber reconciliation, usage verification across switches, mediation, and billing.
  • Real-time tracking of revenues and taxation.
  • Configuration verification, CDR Analysis, Alarm and KPI report configuration, and Fulfillment of new orders.

Key Differentiators
  • Evaluation of revenue leakage potential for each source.
  • Systems Integration and robust operations enablement.
  • Al/ML and Signaling Profiling to detect real-time fraud.
  • Inconsistency gaps, trend analysis, and action planning for revenue recovery.
  • Conducting organized due diligence and detailed analytics.
  • Network usage data with interconnect settlement, Billing statistics, and accounts database.